Where to stay

Hotel Rivera y Brao

Address: Road of Almería (Venta Nueva)

Telephone: 950 568 212 | Fax: 950 568451 | Website:

Ideal for those who want to contemplate the Lagoons Nature Reserve of Adra or make a rest along the way.

Hostal La Curva

Address: Road of Málaga, no number(La Curva)

Telephone 950 607 131 | Fax: 950 607 132 | Website:

At the gateway to Adra, you can stay at a quiet and cozy hostel, taste its gastronomy and receive a friendly and professional treatment.

Hotel Zapata

Address: 6, Road of Almería (El Campillo)

Telephone: 950 567 000

Integrated in Adra's agricultural landscape, we are surprised to find this hotel, where tranquility and comfort invite us to taste the traditional dishes of its restaurant.

Las Vegas Camping

Address: Exit 391 of the Highway, (Adra)

Telephone: 950 162 228

La Habana Camping

Address: La Habana road, no number

Telephone: 619 454 134