The Phoenician origin of the city and the passing of the different Mediterranean civilizations settled in it have influenced our cuisine for centuries. Since time immemorial, Adra has created an intimate communication between land and sea. It is therefore a farming and fishing town. The versatility of the ingredients of the sea or the land is reflected in the uniqueness of their dishes. Our recipes, tasty and healthy, are a vivid reflection of the different customs and traditions.

The exhibition of the food products which our town has, some of them forgotten and updated others, due to the new habits acquired as a result of the cultural changes and the influence of the tourist movement, has gradually created infrastructures and new gastronomic systems.

The richness and variety of fish and shellfish that the Alboran Sea gives us and which are respectfully captured by our fishermen, as well as vegetables and fruit grown in the extensive Vega of Adra, are the protagonists of our cuisine.

Every year in December, Adra celebrates the contest of the so called “tapa route”.

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